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We Like Humans

and I think to myself, what a wonderful world

love of humankind in general
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Despite its challenges, life on Earth is pretty good. You just have to look at it right.
     Despite its various challenges, life on Earth is pretty much excellent. Being "only human" is full of (and surrounded by) all kinds of marvels. (And for those people who think they're something else, that way of being has its marvels too.)

     In the world there are many people who do amazing things that redefine just how cool it is to be a human in this world, like gliding through the air in only a wingsuit, or they turn the act of crossing the street into an act of freeform dance. We're learning new things all the time about the human species and its relations, such as the recently-discovered extinct homonid called Homo floresiensis.

     Although it's true that humans have long been harming nature, there are also many people who are doing their absolute best to lessen and halt that harm so the Earth can begin to heal. For example, the once horribly polluted Bronx river is being quite successfully restored to its natural beauty. Even when awful disasters happen, such as the tsunami, there are people doing whatever they can to help.

     Being cynical about life doesn't make it any easier to live through, but improving your attitude does help you cope with whatever happens. You're also more observant when you're not being apathetic, so looking on the bright side actually is more realistic and healthy than cynicism.

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